Cllr Johanna Boyd has been announced as the new leader of Stirling Council.
Planning Appeals - the statistics...
A recent question in the Scottish Parliament revealed some interesting and stark differences in planning appeals outcomes by sector in Scotland. Of course each planning appeal, no matter the sector, has to be considered on an individual basis, but it seems that appeals in the energy sector and housing sector are less successful than in any other sector.
Energy tariff reform - a move in the wrong direction..?
The last time I wrote about energy regulator Ofgem’s plans for a simpler energy market it was in the context of the political furore that had enveloped Westminster following Prime Minister's questions and David Cameron's ill judged words that his Government 'would be legislating to give energy customers the lowest tariffs'.
Set a Target or Pay the Price
The need to renew and replace ageing plant, reduce and better manage demand and limit the reliance on imported energy is broadly accepted. That is the easy part. The challenge is how to do so in a cost-effective way when household energy bills are soaring, up by £300 a year since 2010.
We are being told privately that we need certainty in order to attract investment, but there cannot be certainty when we do not know whether in five years from now all bets will be off on where the rest of the UK buys its low-carbon power. It will be a matter of price - not patriotism that determines Scotland’s renewables future.
David McLetchie MSP, 1952 - 2013
The untimely death of David McLetchie robbed Scottish politics of one of its most talented and colourful figures, who helped shape the new institution that was the Scottish Parliament in 1999.
The answer is blowing in the (onshore) wind
All eyes have moved to focus on offshore turbines, but there is still enormous potential in onshore wind developments in Scotland
Wind energy: the great debate
The Dragon Flag is Deepest Red
The Welsh dragon went a deeper shade of red today, as there was only one winner of yesterday's Welsh Council elections – and that was Labour.
Scotland’s New Local Councils
A complex electoral system leads to complex outcomes and after yesterday’s announcement of results the horse-trading now starts as working majorities are thrashed out up and down the country. Invicta takes a look at how it could pan out.
How the parties fared in England and Wales
After last week’s elections 1 out of every 2 councillors across England and Wales comes from Labour. The figures speak for themselves. One winner and many losers across the country:
Salmond shuffles the pack
Following the opening of the new session of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government setting out its plans for the new parliamentary term with 15 Bills, First Minister Alex Salmond announced an unexpected Cabinet and Ministerial reshuffle.
What does the Electricity Market Reform have in store?
The big six utility companies and smaller renewable energy generators alike are all waiting to see what November's Draft Bill on Electricity Market Reform (EMR) holds for them and their investors.
Scottish Government’s new kids on the block
A few weeks into the new Scottish Parliament term and MSPs are having to adapt to a number of changes in their workplace.
Under the radar: Crisis management and PR
The problem with crisis management and its associated PR is that by its very nature, we’re doing a good job if you don’t hear about it. For that reason, you may be unaware that Invicta offers this service to both current and new clients, and that we have worked on some of the most topical and newsworthy situations in Scotland this year.
Brazil; ripe for investment?
Ann McKechin MP looks at how advances in infrastructure and the growing renewables industry in Brazil could transform relationships with the UK.
Labour Strengthen Grip on East Dunbartonshire Council
The recent East Dunbartonshire by-election in the Kirkintilloch North and Campsie ward has seen Labour take the ward seat and become the largest party on East Dunbartonshire Council. The by-election, which took place on the 13th September, resulted in the election of Labour’s Gemma Welsh.
Scottish Conservatives take Annandale North by-election
Samuel Mcmillan charts the rise of the Scottish Conservatives in south west Scotland.
Samuel Mcmillian looks at the Scottish Parliament’s Energy, Enterprise and Tourism Committee’s report into Renewables Targets
Independence debate wains amongst political wrangling
Bitching, backbiting and ego. Scotland’s future runs the risk of being forgotten about in the midst of political posturing, says Paul Sands.
Watch this space
As an incomer to Aberdeen, TONY BROOKS talks about the opportunities open to people who mean business.
Aberdeen; My City
The odds might be stacked against it, but Aberdeen is a city that is built to succeed.
The Green Scene
David Whitton, Media Advisor for Invicta Public Affairs and former MSP, senior journalist and special advisor, gives us the gossip from the ground floor at the Scottish Green Energy Awards.
Green with envy..?
Invicta’s Policy Advisor Allan Wilson gives us the highlights, winners and losers of this year’s Green Energy Awards.
College Reform - can we learn from others?
Invicta's Policy Advisor and ex-Minister for Lifelong Learning, Allan Wilson looks at where we can draw lessons from our neighbours
Time to think again?
Ian Graham, the former Principal of John Wheatley College, asks whether it's time for a major re-think
Former Chief Executive of the Association of Scotland' s Colleges, Tom Kelly looks at the practical implications of the cuts to Scotland's post-16 education budget
New Power Generation: Maitland Mackie talks wind
We hear from innovator and entrepreneur MAITLAND MACKIE, Chairman of fourth generation family business Mackies of Scotland, on his (often controversial) views on wind power
Scotland's local elections
The patchwork of local authority control in Scotland created by PR is set to continue in 2012, but within that complicated picture, how much more power can a rampant SNP grab?
The Greate Debate... Brian Wilson
Regulation of lobbyists
With calls for a statutory register for Public Affairs firms intensifying, DAVID LEE talks to Mark Cummings, Founder and Director of Invicta Public Affairs about his thoughts on regulation of the industry.
Who runs Scotland’s Councils now?
The deals are done and the results are being formalised. Coalition administrations of all shapes and sizes have been formed from Thurso to Coldstream, but Invicta Vista has kept tabs on who’s now in charge.
It's Scotland's Wind
The sad passing of Malcolm Wicks, former UK Energy Minister when I was his Scottish counterpart, reminded me of the discussions we used to have on how Scotland could contribute to the security of the UK energy supply while helping our industry to meet growing demand without recourse to increased reliance on imports or increasing our carbon footprint.
The Consequences of the SNP’s NATO Policy Change
On the 19th of October, delegates at the SNP’s annual conference voted to reverse the party’s long-standing policy on NATO membership. Previously, the party had favoured an independent Scotland remaining outside of NATO due to it being a ‘nuclear alliance’. The party’s policy now favours continuing NATO membership on independence, albeit dependent on an assurance that the UK’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet will be moved out of Scotland.
Energy Bills and Ofgem – will legislation solve the inherent problems?
Ex Scotland Energy Minister, Allan Wilson looks into the raging debate about energy tariffs.
Profile: Tom Buchanan
Councillor Tom Buchanan, Economic Development Convener of the City of Edinburgh Council, gives his views on local politics
Profile: Graham Houston
Career politcians are one thing, but sometimes serendipity can play a large part in shaping local politics. David Lee talks to Graham Houston, Leader of Stirling Council about his unusual rise to power.
The significance of the SNP debate on NATO membership policy
On the 19th of October the SNP’s annual conference will debate and possibly change its current policy on NATO membership in an independent Scotland.  Unlike many parties today, the SNP’s annual conference still has the final decision on party policy.  The party’s current position is one that rejects NATO membership because it continues to be a ‘nuclear alliance’.
Long awaited UK cabinet reshuffle delivers few surprises
MPs from both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats hovered over their phones this week awaiting calls from 10 Downing Street and the possibility of promotion to ministerial, or cabinet office.
From half a loaf to no loaf
Alan Wilson delves into the Fossil Fuel Levy and watches it disappear before his eyes
The changing face of Public Affairs
Invicta’s Associate Director, Neil Cuthbert talks us through the challenges of the Public Affairs industry - and how Invicta overcomes them.
Campaign for e-bikes
The dreaded commute is about to be revolutionised... More and more of us might soon be cycling the streets of Scotland - with a little something to power us on our way, says DAVID LEE
Electric bikes - the way forward?
Charles Dundas tells how Invicta hopes to get the SALTIRE e-bike onto the streets of Scotland’s cities.