From town hall to Whitehall, we strategically deploy our expertise at all levels of government throughout the UK.

 Invicta supports businesses through often challenging political, regulatory and media landscapes. We operate with skill and precision at all levels. We remove barriers to growth by influencing the decision-making process and simplifying bureaucracy that can restrict company growth.

 We engage with decision-makers by removing barriers to growth and simplifying the bureaucracy that can hold back your company’s development. Where a public policy or regulatory framework impacts your commercial goals, Invicta provides innovative solutions and tangible results.

Political & Policy Analysis

Invicta works to analyse the impact of the developing policy landscape and political environment upon our client’s reasonable commercial interests, through undertaking our own primary research. 

With the policy baseline established, we are able identify the current and upcoming policy opportunities and work with our client to strategically frame their messaging in a way that advances their priorities. Combined with the identified relevant decision makers and political stakeholders who can influence the policy direction, Invicta is then able to plan and deliver a comprehensive political engagement programme on behalf of our clients.

Political & Stakeholder Engagement

Invicta works with clients to engage with decision makers in public office, whether that be elected or appointed, relevant to their business interests and to build broader political support with influencers of opinion.

We assist our clients to develop clear policy or project objectives and work to deliver these messages to decision makers with maximum impact, and encourage them where appropriate to engage with well positioned interest groups that align with their objectives.

At Invicta, we directly engage on our clients behalf in order to best advocate their business interests whether that be to those in Local Government, Scottish Government or UK Government and ensure that this is completed in a transparent and compliant way.

Community Engagement

Invicta Public Affairs recognises the importance of public engagement within the planning process. By identifying the wider public interest within our clients proposals and the wider expectations that come with engagement with the wider public, Invicta are able to effectively and positively communicate this message across the board. Invicta believes engagement across all levels is vital to clients success.

Invicta engage in a compliant way and encourage our clients to go above and beyond the expected remit of public consultation within their proposals. Invicta continues to believe that early engagement prior to and during the planning process is key to our clients needs and business strategies which achieves the widest possible community acceptance for their proposals.

Media Engagement 

Our clients proposals are likely to attract a wider form of public interest throughout the project timeline from media outlets. In order to manage their profile to ensure we build good relations with our target audience we must proactively build a positive dialogue with local media outlets through early communication. 

This is a key and important way to support our clients community engagement work and helps us create a consistent message for their needs across all platforms.