Invicta has diversity at its core and has the ability to work across all sectors of the UK economy. We are experts in what we do, and we strive constantly to overcome policy and regulatory challenges on behalf of our clients. There is no sector we have not worked in. If your sector is important to the UK economy then it is important to us.


Successive UK Governments have struggled to balance our competing energy priorities: security, sustainability and affordability. The UK’s Net-Zero commitment, under The Climate Change Act 2008, has made the need for a coherent energy policy all the more critical. The UK’s energy trilemma can only be addressed with the support of the private sector. Invicta works to connect private companies and national policymakers, helping to unlock political and financial support for green developments.

We have expertise in supporting emerging technologies, including floating offshore wind, wave, and tidal power. In addition, we have a strong track record of working with more established technologies such as onshore and fixed offshore wind. Invicta works with clients throughout the UK to guide the planning application process at both local and national levels. We also create opportunities to engage with the Government on energy policy development, including engagement to inform the green recovery and climate change agenda.

Real Estate

Since its inception, Invicta has supported some of the most established Commercial Property developers in the UK. By engaging with local political stakeholders and communities, we have delivered major projects in the most challenging of environments.

Whether a major town centre regeneration or new greenfield development, we provide community and political stakeholder engagement services to create the baseline of support needed for projects to be positively promoted to decision-makers. Alongside this, Invicta utilises media channels to promote strong and positive messaging to inform and encourage grassroots momentum in favour of our clients’ developments.

Manufacturing & Industrial

Largely considered the backbone of the UK Economy, Manufacturing and Industry have been subject to increased pressure following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. There is no doubt that these sectors have been neglected in recent years, with constructive Government engagement needed more than ever before.

Invicta has a proven track record of influencing policy at the UK and devolved Government level to alleviate policy and regulatory pressures. From supply and demand to industrial operations, Invicta works to maximise manufacturing efficiency and sustainability for the long term. We work with clients to secure positive and progressive policy changes at a national level, ensuring manufacturing industries have the support from the Government they need to increase viability and success within their field.


The retail market has suffered under turbulent economic changes. Financial uncertainty and a global pandemic coupled with a mass migration to online shopping has put huge pressure on retailers. Local and national policy impacts all aspects of the Retail sector and Invicta are perfectly placed to overcome these challenges. From store development to site identification, Invicta has worked with the UK’s biggest retailers to ensure success at all levels.

We work with our clients to assist in creating financially viable, locally supported retail developments that are sensible and sustainable. Invicta leads on all key stakeholder engagement on behalf of our clients to build a positive dialogue from a local authority to community level for any new development project. We support our clients’ needs through effective and detailed public consultation, ensuring we can support and manage the success of a project from inception to determination.

Hospitality & Leisure

The global pandemic impacted the Hospitality and Leisure industry more than any other sector. Invicta has extensive experience in working with major hotels, restaurants and leisure providers throughout the UK to create seamless project timelines for new developments. For our clients, Invicta works to assess the political landscape and advise on the likelihood of success of any proposed hospitality or leisure project in any relevant local authority area.

Invicta engages with the relevant regulatory bodies and key stakeholders from the outset and assists your business from site identification and acquisition opportunities to assisting with licensing and planning applications from start to finish. Invicta works with our clients to construct a body of support for hospitality and leisure projects from senior officer level to within the local community proposed that will provide a robust and positive argument for success from the relevant authorities.

Transport & Logistics

The Transport and Logistics sectors are capital intensive, with vast supply chains, and extensive workforces. Spanning local, regional and national economies, businesses often face a broad range of policy challenges which can prevent them from achieving their potential.

Invicta has long-standing relationships with transport and logistics businesses including aviation, haulage and shipping. Our expertise across policy areas – including planning, energy and finance – allows us to provide tailored advice and guidance to our clients. Invicta provides policy analysis and strategic development planning to help businesses navigate converging policy areas and complex regulatory environments

House Building

Invicta has an established record of working with housebuilders throughout the UK; monitoring and analysing the political arena and encouraging creative thinking to secure and maintain stakeholder support. From building a single home to a strategic proposal for the construction of 2000 residential units for settlement growth, Invicta has extensive experience in delivering both political and community engagement, at grassroots and Government levels.

Whether your proposals are at an early stage, or if you have an application facing refusal by a local authority or national government, Invicta understands the steps that need to be taken to maximise your chances of success. We work with communities, groups, councils and politicians to gain support and ensure success.


The UK technology sector is at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation, driving huge economic benefit and job creation. The UK is home to a world-leading research base which has allowed us to harness science and technology to deliver both economic and societal gains across the globe.

However, rapid development can lead to new challenges. Invicta has a strong record of assisting global companies to promote and secure support for their technologies. Invicta has assisted businesses in getting new technologies to market, while also creating new investment opportunities and identifying potential funding streams. In order to achieve maximum traction, Invicta works strategically to raise awareness of new developments with well-placed stakeholders, ensuring that our clients’ work is able to reach and inform the knowledge bases of the UK Government and devolved administrations.

Land Economy

How we manage the land and rural environment is of vital importance to the UK economy. Threats to the UK rural economy have a major and direct impact upon our built and urban environments. Invicta works with our clients to deliver progressive policy changes in the relevant sectors within which we work.

From farming to forestry, Invicta works with rural clients to engage with the Government, to help navigate challenges and reduce any threats that impact the land economy. We work with the local communities relevant to our clients needs to maximise the sustainability of the Land Economy and give a platform to the sector within national and devolved Government debates.


Healthcare has been brought to the forefront of society during the global health pandemic, bringing to light the importance of an effective sector, both in terms of primary and secondary healthcare within the UK. Invicta has robust experience in delivering policy work and effective campaigns within public affairs for our private clients involved in the remobilisation of healthcare.

Invicta has a strong reputation for encouraging our private clients to engage with a wide variety of partners and build coalitions towards delivering the aim of achieving a specific policy change or additional revenue for the sector. Invicta supports our clients in illustrating the importance of policy change to Government ministers, representatives and officials involved in the delivery of healthcare. Invicta provides unique support from the conception of ideas, helping to navigate an often complicated political landscape and ultimately deliver a successful result for our clients.