Energy & Infrastructure

Successive UK Governments have for many decades struggled to establish a coherent and investor-friendly energy policy that serves the needs of both consumers and the UK economy.

The Climate Change Act 2008 ushered in three core objectives that the Government is required to meet which means finding secure, affordable and sustainable sources of energy. The private sector has a vital role to play in helping the Government form workable policy and Invicta will link you to local and national policy makers.

When it comes developing projects, Invicta has a strong track record of supporting clients throughout the UK. We have helped to unlock investment, provided guidance on the planning applications process at both local and national levels and successfully managed community and stakeholder relations for contentious projects.

Commercial Property

Working with some of the most established Commercial Property developers throughout the UK since our inception, Invicta has delivered major projects in some of the most challenging environments.

Whether it be a major town centre regeneration, or a new greenfield development, Invicta can ensure that your project is positively promoted to decision makers and local stakeholders in order to build a baseline of support


Invicta prides itself on a history of working with some of the UK’s largest housebuilding businesses.

Despite a clear political will to grow the UK’s housing stock, resistance to new developments can often seem insurmountable due to localised concerns and constraints.

However Invicta has proven time and again that new developments can proceed provided the appropriate approach to working with local political stakeholders and communities is adopted.


The retail market has changed dramatically in recent years. The 2008 financial crisis and an ever broadening array of competition means that retailers face greater pressures than ever before to develop their store offerings and geographical spread.

As such new store development, store relocation, and site identification is essential to remain competitive within this crowded marketplace. Where local or national policy impacts upon your development plans Invicta is well placed, following many years working with the UK’s biggest retailers, to help bring your plans to fruition.

Hospitality & Leisure

Invicta has extensive experience in working with major hotel, restaurant and leisure providers throughout the UK. Overcoming challenges relating to licensing and planning is key to unlocking new opportunities to enable your business to grow.

By working with the relevant regulatory bodies from the outset, Invicta can assist your business by steering licensing and planning applications from initiation to fruition.

We are also vastly experienced in supporting businesses with site identification and acquisition opportunities.

Transport & Logistics

The transport and logistics sectors are capital intensive and jobs rich areas of the economy. However, policy across a broad range of areas, from energy to planning, often serves as a barrier to businesses making a generous contribution to local, regional and national economies.

Invicta has long standing relationships with transport and logistics businesses in areas as diverse as aviation, haulage and shipping. Our team boasts policy expertise as well as development experience obtained across a range of infrastructure areas that impact upon these sectors.

When your business faces threats from converging policy areas you may benefit from our expertise which is established across the public policy spectrum.

Regulated Industries

The line at which regulation becomes unnecessary is difficult to define. Drawing on our extensive experience working with businesses within regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and defence, Invicta is well placed to assist with this process.

If your business supplies or would like to supply Government, we can assist you with accessing public sector markets and opportunities. Invicta is also well placed to engage directly with Government on matters pertaining to policy development where it matters most for your business.