“Together we employ thousands of people across the region. EU membership has been an important driver of economic development in the North East.
Businesses in the North East need unrestricted access to the European market of 500 million people in order to continue to grow, invest and create jobs.
We support the UK remaining a member of the European Union, and add our voice to the major unions, business organisations, manufacturers, local government leaders, major party leaders and our international allies and friends sharing this common desire.
We recognise the EU is not perfect. However, we also recognise that the UK has benefitted enormously since the joining in 1975, making the terrible 70’s a distant past, and helping in no small measure to make the UK one of the strongest economies in the world.
We believe that leaving the EU would deter investment, threaten jobs and put the North East economy at risk. 
The UK is one of the most powerful nations within the EU and has made significant contributions to making the EU better in terms of trade, rights and security.
We wish this role to continue and we believe continued membership to be in the best interests of jobs, trade and investment, security and maintaining and enhancing the UK’s leading position in the world. Britain will be stronger, safer and better off remaining a member of the EU.”

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