Invicta Public Affairs, a leading business consultancy specialising in strategic communications, has relocated its headquarters to Newcastle and is growing its team as a response to the Northern Powerhouse initiative.

Set up in Glasgow in 2007, Invicta helps business work with government and local communities to have their voice heard where red tape and regulation risk cutting off investment. The ten strong team has been assembled to help the housebuilding, commercial property, energy and transport sectors realise their investment ambitions.

Using the knowledge and political experience of the senior management team, Invicta generates political and community support for projects, helping them come to fruition.

Mark Cummings, founder and director of Invicta, said the opening of the Newcastle HQ will allow the consultancy not only to grow as a business, but to play its role in helping wider regional growth. He said: “We are taking a template that helped Invicta secure phenomenal investment successes across Scotland, creating thousands of jobs in the process and we have adapted it to bring about that same positive change in the North East and the rest of the UK.

“Invicta is determined to push the Northern Powerhouse agenda. Many businesses have talked about devolution as an opportunity and we are taking that one step further – by investing. Nevertheless, in order to be successful, businesses need to know where decision making sits, how to build collaborations and which key institutions should be engaged in the midst of these fairly seismic changes. That is what we believe we can help with most of all.

“At Invicta our clients’ success is our success. That is what has helped us develop and maintain the reputation we have for delivery and it is the reason we have decided to base the next phase of Invicta’s evolution in Newcastle, a city, like Glasgow, with a rich history of innovation, a strong work ethic and, most importantly, a united will from both the public and private sectors to realise its enormous economic potential.”

Mark Stephenson, Head of Public Affairs at Invicta, said: “It’s fantastic for us to be expanding and we’re excited to be locating in the North East, a place as much as anywhere that boasts the ‘makers’ that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has talked about so many times. It is our job to help the makers overcome the challenges they face, allowing them and the economy to grow.

“We’re proud to be based in Newcastle, but our focus extends beyond the city limits. We firmly believe in the potential of the Northern Powerhouse – we have the businesses, the ambition and we will help secure the political will to ensure our growth potential becomes a reality.”

The consultancy advises over 150 businesses throughout the UK and beyond and has a multi billion pound combined investment portfolio which includes several major international corporations. Looking toward the future of Invicta, Mr Cummings added: “The Newcastle HQ is a great milestone for the company – we are now better placed than ever to support one of the fastest growing business regions in the country.”


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