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Where public policy or regulatory framework impacts your business, Invicta Public Affairs will work with you to find commercially viable solutions that safeguard your business goals. We do so by delivering purposeful political and stakeholder engagement as well as community and media engagement that ensures that your voice is heard by the decision-makers that matter.
About us

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For over a decade Invicta has been a leading UK public affairs consultancy advising businesses large and small on how to best engage with Government. Our focus is on businesses who are committed to the UK economy. Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, with clients throughout the United Kingdom including Edinburgh, London, Cardiff, Belfast and elsewhere in Europe. No other company has the same level of understanding of how politics affects business across the nations and regions of the UK.  We have proficiency in working with Westminster, Holyrood, Cardiff Bay and Stormont.

Invicta has a team of skilled employees and expert advisors able to work with our clients anywhere in the UK. Our client centred approach means that we protect and advance our clients commercial interests to those in public office with the power to inhibit or accelerate future business growth.

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What we do

“Invicta’s unique experience lies in our ability to strategically deploy our expertise at all levels of Government and across the whole of the UK.”

Invicta guides businesses through often challenging political, regulatory and media landscapes. We operate with skill at all levels from town hall to Whitehall. We can help influence the decision-making process by removing barriers to growth and simplifying the bureaucracy that can hold back your company’s development. Where public policy or regulatory framework impacts on your commercial goals, Invicta provides innovative solutions and tangible results.

Political & Stakeholder Engagement

Community & Media Engagement